Who We Are

Prickly Paws Hedgehogs is a small family business.  My husband Jeff, myself (Christina), and our two kids are all animal lovers.  Along with our hedgehogs, we also have a dog, two cats, a hamster, and a few fish. Jeff was the one who got us all interested in hedgehogs. Jeff got his first hedgehog, Spike, about 20 years ago. Spike was an extremely friendly hedgehog who would even curl up and fall asleep in the kangaroo pocket of Jeff's sweatshirt! Our second hedgehog, Pickle, was a bit of a grumpy hedgehog, but cute nonetheless!  After Pickle, we went quite a few years without any hedgehogs, but now we have a small herd (which started with Ruby and Milo).

Be sure to also check out our facebook site for the lastest photos and information about our hedgehogs and available babies.