Each of our baby hedgehogs is priced at $250, regardless of sex or colour of hedgehog. 
Also included in the price is a small animal carrier so you can bring your hedgehog home safely and this also comes in handy if you have to bring your hedgehog to a vet appointment or travel with your hedgehog.  We also provide some of our own hedgehog food mix to get your hedgehog off to a good start!  The mix is made up of a couple high quality cat foods with high protein and low fat content.  Plus, we will provide you with hedgehog care information.  
We do require an appliation to be filled out for our hedgehogs as we want to ensure they are going to great homes.  Applications can be filled out and submitted through our website. Click on 'More' then 'Application Form' to fill out your application. Once your application has been approved, if you wish, you may hold a hedgehog from our next litter with a $50 deposit (payable via e-mail money transfer, PayPal, or cash if you are in the area).  Deposits are non-refundable.  The balance is due upon pick up (payable in cash) or prior to pick up if paying with e-mail money transfer or PayPal.